Thankfully signing your life away is coming to an end.

So, you’re ready to purchase a new home or refinance an existing home. Take advantage of our Digital Closing Experience where you can review and electronically sign your mortgage loan documents prior to closing.

Closing on a mortgage loan is traditionally tedious and time consuming. Now, instead of spending more than an hour, hand signing page after page, you’ll only spend about 10 minutes in the title office. With our exclusive streamlined service and simple digital signature process, you can review your loan documents online. Plus, you’ll be better prepared to ask questions about the documentation before closing. All at your leisure.

What is a digital closing? A digital signature – otherwise known as e-sign – is an electronic way of capturing an individual’s handwritten signature. With robust encryption and security, digital signatures provide authenticity and can be captured using almost any digital device (iPad, smartphone, laptop) with an online connection. During a digital closing, your e-signature will be applied to nearly all of the documents in your mortgage closing packet, where they will then be safely uploaded. When you arrive to the closing, you’ll only “ink” sign a few documents, making your job at closing infinitely easier. Ask your loan officer today about how you can save valuable time using the Digital Closing Experience with Ruoff Home Mortgage and Centurion Land Title.

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