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One-Time Construction Loan

Many construction loans require two separate loan closings: once for the construction, and once again for the mortgage. A one-time construction loan allows you to go from the land purchase straight into a permanent mortgage loan and everything in between. With this single loan, you only have one set of documents to sign. This can save you a ton of time and money.

Why a One-Time Construction Loan?


Lots of Time to Build

A one time construction loan allows for up to 12 months of build time. You and your builder can take your time to make this house your home.


Loan Life Options

You will be able to choose the terms of your one time construction loan. Choose a fixed-rate at 15 or 30 years or an adjustable rate mortgage loan.


Low Down Payment

A down payment on a one-time construction loan can be as low as 3.5% depending on their credit score. A 620 or higher is considered ideal.


Upfront Closing

With a one-time construction loan, you can expect to close on the loan before the construction begins. This allows your lender to place funds into an escrow account which will pay your builder as needed.

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Steps to a One-Time Construction Loan:


Get Pre-Approved.

Ruoff's mobile app, Loan Butler, can help you receive your pre-approval letter quickly. Plus, you can upload all required documents straight into the app to save you time and energy.


Speak with a Loan Officer.

Lock in your mortgage rate early and stay in the loop. Your Ruoff Mortgage Loan Officer will keep you and your agent updated every step of the way with our Milestone Updates.


Clear to close.

Thanks to Ruoff's Digital Closing Experience, you'll only spend 10 minutes with your loan officer and agent finalizing the purchase at closing.

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