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Picture of Lyn MacCarty
Picture of Lyn MacCarty

Hi, I'm Lyn!

Senior Loan Officer

I will work hard to help you achieve your homeownership goals.

99.59% Customer Satisfaction Rating

Hi, I'm Lyn!

Senior Loan Officer

I will work hard to help you achieve your homeownership goals.

99.59% Customer Satisfaction Rating

Let me help you get pre-approved today!

My customer service philosophy is to treat every customer with respect and to make their experience as stress free as possible. I believe that the purchase of a new home is a major decision and should be treated as such. I strive to make this decision as easy as possible for each client by being honest and trustworthy along with communicating frequently all while offering them sound and reliable advice.

What is your goal?

Buy a Home

From finding your perfect home to moving in, we've got you covered.


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Hear from people like you

  • Lyn knew exactly what we needed and answered every question we had. She was prompt with her emails and kept us up to date on everything. Her compassion and friendliness helped us feel comfortable with what we could afford, how we could get it done and made the process smooth and easy! She was able to answer things or realtor couldn't do and she was even faster at finding out answers and getting back to us. I am so thankful for her help!

    Chelsea C, happy client
  • We were moving from the East Coast and needed a short, fast closing and Lyn worked extra hard to make that happen and we were able to close on our home before starting a new job.

    Aaron & Rachel R, happy client
  • We were really glad to have Lyn because she guided us and led us through the whole process and was always open and available to answer questions. This was extremely helpful. We wouldn't have known what to do without her.

    Denis K, happy client
  • She explained all the process and the help I needed even after work hours was great. Lyn was always there. She was more than a professional, she was a good friend!

    Ana D, happy client
  • Lyn worked all hours of the night making sure I was going to have a home, very much appreciated and very happy.

    Sean G, happy client
  • Lyn MacCarty was extremely accommodating to my needs. I got a quick response from her no matter the mode of contact. I really enjoyed working with her and would recommend this company to anyone looking to get a mortgage.

    Jamie P, happy client
  • Lyn was great and kept us informed all the way. We highly recommend her.

    Douglas P, happy client
  • Lyn did an excellent job. She could not have done it any better, it was excellent. For any further needs I will have with mortgages, she will be the first person I will contact. I appreciated being able to work with her.

    Diana S, happy client
  • Really love how Lyn is right there with you, making sure everything comes out right in the end.

    Jennifer J, happy client
  • Lyn did very well in explaining everything to us in a way that's easy to understand.

    Elliscent C, happy client
  • Lyn was very efficient and quickly responded to all our requests. She also ensured our needs were always met.

    Joel G, happy client
  • Lyn did a great job of communicating with me regardless of how rudimentary my questions were or when I contacted her. I always heard back within 24 hours and most of the time within 6 hours. I am very grateful for her quick responses and patience.

    Rachel S, happy client

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