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Calculate what's best for you.

Mortgage Calculator

Calculate what's best for you

Mortgage calculators are some of the best tools to plan for any home purchase or refinance. With our upgraded calculator, it only takes a few minutes to plan for your home sweet home.

Like what you see? Send a complete mortgage or refinance estimate snapshot directly to your inbox! Refer back to it at any time as you consider your financial options.

Why Choose Ruoff?

Secure, User-Friendly Technology

Secure, User-Friendly Technology

Easy-to-use, intuitive apps and software mean you get updates in real-time as you move through the loan process. You will know what goes on with your loan every step of the way.

Clear to Close in 15 days

Clear to Close in 15 Days*

While other lenders can take up to a month or more to complete a loan, our average time from application to clear to close is just 15 days (and shrinking!).

Digital Closing Experience

Digital Closing Experience

By using secure electronic documentation, we collect most of the required paperwork and signatures ahead of time, so you're only at the closing table for about 10 minutes.

Digital Closing Experience

98.4% Customer Satisfaction Rating

We apply five important company principles - accountability, integrity, agility, adaptability, and passion - all of which result in an outstanding customer experience.

*The average Clear to Close time is dependent on loan type, proper documentation, and other qualifying factors. Loan decision is subject to satisfactory appraisal, title review, and no change to financial condition. This is not an offer for extension of credit or a commitment to lend. Some restrictions may apply. Ruoff Mortgage NMLS #141868. Equal Housing Lender. Ruoff Mortgage Company, Inc. is an Indiana corporation. For complete licensing information visit: 06122023

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