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Image of phone showing the Loan Butler Mobile App

Loan Butler Mobile

Let our Loan Butler App streamline your mortgage process.

The Loan Butler App was created to provide you with a fast and convenient user experience with Ruoff Mortgage. Get the freedom and the power to move your mortgage process along at a rapid pace! The app can easily provide loan information and status including sending push notification reminders in real time when an important milestone is reached (underwriting approval, clear to close, etc.). The app allows consumers the ability to secure loan documentation and allows all parties on the transaction to keep track of the loan's progress.

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Image of phone showing the Loan Butler Mobile App

Ruoff Agent

Use the Ruoff Agent app to efficiently track your transactions in real-time.

Ruoff Agent is built for any selling or listing real estate agent involved in a transaction financed by Ruoff Mortgage. This app provides a central hub for the agent to track the status of active and closed transactions, examine marketing materials provided by Ruoff Mortgage, and connect potential clients with Ruoff Mortgage loan officers. Downloading this app also ensures the agent will have real-time push notification updates on their phone when customers pass a key mortgage milestone.

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Image of phone showing the Loan Butler Mobile App

Ruoff LO

Use the Ruoff LO app to take your business to the next level.

As a member of the Ruoff team, you will get access to an app that anticipates your every need. This app provides a central hub for you to view your pipeline, examine marketing materials available to you, and calculate loan terms. Our origination software is tied to the app as well, which means you aren’t tied to your desktop. Keep all your resources in your pocket with the Ruoff LO app.

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