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Autopay Disclosure

Autopay Disclosure

Important: Please do not enter the name of your financial institution on the "Name on Account" field. The name on the bank account used to sign up for Automatic Draft must be the exact name of the borrower or co-borrower only. Any exceptions will result in your request being rejected from our system.

I/we hereby authorize my/our lender, its successors, and assigns to initiate a debit from my checking/savings account for my/our recurring scheduled loan payment.

If the required payment changes for any reason this authorization will be automatically amended to authorize of an amount equal to the new required payment plus any optional additional principal indicated above. The authorization to initiate a debit from your account will remain in full force and effect until my/our lender receives notice from you of its termination at least 15 days prior to the next scheduled draft date, or in such manner and time frame as to afford my/our lender and its correspondent bank a reasonable opportunity to act upon it.

Termination requests can be submitted online or in writing to: Ruoff Mortgage, P.O. Box 10480, Fort Wayne, IN, 46852. Your account must be current in order for your payment draft to be processed.

If your loan balance becomes less than the regularly scheduled Autopay payment, the payment will not be deducted via Autopay from your account. At that time we’ll send you a letter with instructions on how to pay off your loan. You will need to obtain a payoff statement and follow the directions to make your final payment. Please refer to this website's Terms and Conditions for more details about Make a Payment and Autopay Services, Changing or Canceling Payments, plus other important information.

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