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$150 - 175k

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18 - 21%
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$150 - 175k
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234 Fredrica Street
, Owensboro, KY 42301
Telephone: 270.240.2828
| Fax: 270.209.0815

We are the Owensboro branch of Ruoff Mortgage, and our team philosophy is to be active, present and supportive of our community. We want to establish and nurture relationships so we can grow as individuals. We love to support Owensboro, and are involved in many non-profit organizations in the area. Our team is a perfect partner for your homeownership goals, and we look forward to serving your mortgage needs with all types of loan programs to help you construct, refinance, renovate, or purchase a home!

Meet the Owensboro team!

98.72% Customer Satisfaction Rating
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Mark Gentry

VP, Branch Manager NMLS: 440219
98.52% Customer Satisfaction Rating
Picture of Aaron Strawn
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Aaron Strawn

Senior Loan Officer NMLS: 1225481
Picture of Brent Nichols
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Brent Nichols

Senior Loan Officer NMLS: 575667
97.69% Customer Satisfaction Rating
Picture of Courtney VonGunten
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Courtney VonGunten

Senior Loan Officer NMLS: 488917
Picture of Jordan Plunkett
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Jordan Plunkett

Senior Loan Officer NMLS: 1797175
100.00% Customer Satisfaction Rating
Picture of Peter Perrone
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Peter Perrone

Senior Loan Officer NMLS: 575912
Picture of Samantha Brown
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Samantha Brown

Loan Officer NMLS: 1771145

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